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Top Up: $14.99
Payment Methods: Visa or MasterCard
Movie Selection: 5,243
Formats Offered: HD, DVD, DivX, iPod

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About Moviery
Moviery is a a bit different to the other movie download sites we review here. It offers both a pre-paid service and a monthly download plan. So, depending on how much you're going to be downloading, you can pick the right plan for you. The site is safe, legal and very, very cheap, especially if you download a lot of movies and opt for a monthly subscription.

As the site offers two different ways of downloading movies, I'll break this up to make it easier to understand.

First off, the pre-paid option. Movie prices on the site vary, depending on the quality of the movie. For example, a HD movie will cost you more than a DVD quality movie. Here's a breakdown of the qualities and prices:

HD movies cost $2.49
High-Quality DivX movies cost $1.99
DivX movies cost $0.99
iPod/iPhone movies cost $0.89

So how do you pay for these movies? Well, with the pre-paid option, I'm sure you can guess that you add money to your account first, then download using that money. When it runs low, just reload it. Easy as that! There is a minimum reload amount of $14.99 and this applies each time you reload your account. However, if you're willing to reload a little more, you can get yourself some free credit for doing so:

Top up $29.99 and get $15 free, top up $49.99 and get $35 free or top up $99 and get $100 free

Second, the subscription option. All qualities are available to you, along with all movies. Download what you like, in whatever qualities you like, it's all included in the price. There are a couple of different options for subscriptions, here's a breakdown:

7 Day Subscription: $14.99
1 Month Subscription: $29.99
3 Month Subscription: 49.99

Movie Library
Moviery doesn't have the biggest library of all the sites we list, but it does have over 5,243 available to download.

You can browse the Moviery site for free, but if you want to start downloading, you must register first. Registration is free and easy, just give them your email address and a password and that's it. Once you've registered, just add funds to your account and you can start downloading right away.

You can add funds to your account using Visa or MasterCard. The site is completely safe to use credit and debit cards on and they do not take any payments you have not authorized and they do not keep your card details.

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